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Great for Residential Extensions

1 x External VR

1 x Internal VR

Branded VR Headset

3-5 Day Turnaround

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Whether it's a Complex New Build, Complete Development 

or Commercial Space, we have the expertise to create the virtual reality experience you require.

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Great for Residential Extensions or New Builds

4 x External VR

2 x Internal VR

Branded VR Headset

5 Day Turnaround

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Virtual Reality – Bring buildings to life, create an immersive 3D experience for your client.


At VRTUAL, we can create a still image virtual reality experience for your client, bringing your design to life and creating an immersive virtual reality experience for your client.

Virtual reality has the power to bring 2D plans to life and allow your client to fully experience your design before it is constructed.

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The benefits of providing a virtual reality experience for your client are numerous as visualising how 2D plans will look in real life can be changeling for most clients. Not only this, but the opportunity to visualise a new dwelling or extension before it is constructed allows clients to fully understand the building design leading to a greater understanding of how your 2D plans will materialise in built form.

In a market where very few architectural practises have the resources to provide a virtual reality experience for their clients, VRTUAL is your own in-house 3D visualisation specialist giving you an advantage over your competitors and stunning your client base with a 21st century architectural experience.

Our virtual motion packages include: 

  • External and Internal 3D Virtual Reality Images to specification.

  • Premium Virtual Reality Headset.

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